Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cherry "Dump" Cake

In the past month, this recipe has come up twice during recipe conversations so I thought it was time to try it out! What's great is that it is so nice and simple! A mom at my mom's group mentioned it and then my sister suggested I try it too. Some make it with pineapple, but I decided to do mine without.

1 can cherry pie filling
1 box yellow cake mix
1 stick butter

  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  • Open can of cherry pie filling and "dump" it into a 9 x 13-in pan. Spread it evenly on the bottom.
  • Open yellow cake mix and pour it onto the cherry pie filling.
  • Slice the stick of butter and randomly place the butter pats across the top. To be technical, I was able to fit 5 rows of butter with 4 pats across.
  • Bake for 50 minutes and enjoy!

OK, so I just finished making this and have some ideas. Don't try to put it in a smaller pan (like I did). There is too much cake mix for a smaller pan. I'm not sure if that affected my cake (because I had to transfer it into a bigger pan), but it wasn't as incredible as I expected. I may like this better with the pineapple. I also think it would be delicious if I added a scoop of vanilla ice cream! It was good, it just wasn't as incredible as I'd heard......I'd be interested to know how it turns out for you if you try it!


  1. Shalom to you my friend!

    Thank you for your kind comment. We christians are one big family.

    God Bless you lead you with His Love & anointing.

    Have a wonderful weekend. Take care & God Bless, David.

  2. This sounds really good, Tracey! And I'm always looking for easy recipes. I am going to try it! :)

  3. Thats a lovely n quick recipe !!! Love it

    - Smita
    (fun food ideas for picky eaters )

  4. That looks yummy! Thanks for sharing. I like to try new recipes from time to time. Thanks for visiting my blog. You mentioned thinking about homeschooling...we have four kiddos, three boys and one girl and I am so glad that I am blessed to be able to homeschool. I would encourage you to definitely look into it. There are a lot of different curriculums...something for everyone. Anyways thanks for visiting and I look forward to more recipes! :)


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