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Monday, May 2, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

I love making a weekly menu and got in the habit of creating one over a year ago. It helps to keep me organized and I only have to go grocery shopping once a week. I found a wonderful link up where others are posting their weekly menus too. I want to use this to have a record of what I make week-to-week so I can rotate my meals better, but also love the idea of menu sharing with others.

Click here to see what others are making this week!

Monday: Beef and Bean Burritos with Mexican Rice and Refried Beans (with Melted Cheddar)

Tuesday: Spaghetti Casserole with Corn and Garlic Bread
(I got this recipe while on my Easter vacation and will have fun trying this one out.)

Wednesday: Crock Pot Chicken with Green Beans and Dinner Rolls
(Another new one to try out.)

Thursday: Hoagies with Fruit Salad

Friday: Hamburger Mac-N-Cheese with Broccoli

Saturday: Leftovers or out to Culvers

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  1. I love this idea!! I'm going to have to check this one out...i have such trouble coming up with ideas for meals! Thanks!

    And...I'm glad you're enjoying reading my's been fun writing.


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