Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Papa's Hungarian Goulash

Just last month, I had a wonderful week's vacation with J down at my sister's place in the Chicago suburbs. My sister's father-in-law, who we call "Papa" came over to visit and taught me how to make a couple of his favorite meals. Papa has an incredible story of living in Germany during the war and then coming to the US in its aftermath. He and his now late wife, Vera, were authentic cooks using everything fresh and not processed for their meals. This is a wonderful meal and I'm so blessed to now have this recipe.

1.5 lbs Round Steak
2 pork chops
2 to 3 T olive oil
2 T Paprika
3 T ketchup
Salt/pepper to season
2 T Onion soup mix
1 can diced tomatoes
1 container fresh sliced mushrooms (or canned)
Beef stock
Few stalks of celery
2 parsnips
6 to 8 baby carrots
Red pepper
1 box Bow Tie Pasta
Corn starch (1 T plus little water)

  • Trim round steak and pork chops removing fat and cutting meat into small pieces.
  • Heat olive oil in large pan and add the meat.
  • Add ketchup, onion soup mix, paprika and cook until meat is browned and not much oil is left.
  • Put meat into dutch oven (basically any pan with a lid that you can put in the oven).
  • Add beef stock, diced tomatoes and mushrooms. Cook for an hour or two (until meat is very tender).
  • Chop veggies into small pieces and add to dutch oven.
  • Cook for 1/2 hour or until veggies (especially carrots) are tender.
  • Mix corn starch and water in small bowl. Add to dutch oven and let sit for several minutes.
  • Add more corn starch and water until the sauce thickens to your liking.
  • Prepare box of bow tie pasta.
  • Serve goulash over pasta and ENJOY!


  1. This looks and sounds really good!!

  2. Tea,
    It IS very yummy! The bow tie pasta does a great job of holding the goulash. I forgot to say I also added sour cream to mine to top it off. A great comforting meal for a cold day too.


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